Dear People of St Joseph’s

We eagerly anticipate re-opening for our first Mass which will be celebrated on Saturday 11th July at 5.30pmand Sunday 12th July at 11am.  We can seat 36 people with 1.25 metre-plus safe distancing.   If you would like to attend weekend Mass it is essential that you email or phone Fr Garry and say how many are coming from your household (who will sit together), and he will let you know if a place is available.  If not, you will be top of the list for the following weekend.  Please indicate if you are a doctor, nurse or carer and you will be given priority. Our Bishops have made it clear that at this difficult time we are not obliged to attend Sunday Mass.  We are encouraged to also use weekday Mass.

Email:    Phone    01789 773291

The church is open for private prayer on Thurs. 9th and Fri.10th July from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

From Thursday 16th July there will be weekday Mass each Thursday and Friday at 10am,  There is no need to book for these Masses.

Our Lord taught us to love our neighbour as ourselves.

The following guidelines will enable us to take the greatest care not to pass on the virus.

  1. Please do not come to church if you or anyone from your household is showing symptoms of COVID 19.
  2. Worshippers may have to queue outside church and wait to be admitted. If Fr Garry does not have your email address, please give it to the steward.
  3. A steward will be responsible for directing all movement in church.
  4. Face coverings must be worn, whether masks or scarves.
  5. You must use the sanitizer before entering the main body of the church.
  6. Worshippers must remain in the seat they are allocated.
  7. Parents must provide their children with their own books for Mass and not bring toys from home. The bags provided for children by the church will not be available.
  8. People who need cushions to sit on must bring their own and take them home after Mass.
  9. People are encouraged to bring their own sanitizers and use this before and after Holy Communion.
  10. Eucharistic ministers will stand behind kneelers at the front and wear visors.
  11. Those receiving Communion will have to stretch out to receive the Host. The Host will only be placed on the hand and not given by mouth.
  12. Readers will need to wear gloves, which will be provided and disposed of.
  13. There will be no offertory collection during Mass. Collections will be taken at the back of the church on the way out whilst observing social distancing. If appropriate, please have donation ready to avoid delays.
  14. A disinfectant spraying machine will be used to clean the church after each Mass

We look forward to being together again for the celebration of Mass.

Fr Garry Byrne, Parish Priest.

HARDSHIP  OR ELDERLY   If you know of anyone in Bidford facing financial hardship at this time, or those isolated who heed shopping done etc., please let me know.

PLEASE PRAY FOR THOSE WHO ARE SICK   Michael David Moore, Pat Hopkins, Heather Gerrard, Clive Stanbrook, Elizabeth Standring, Bridget Parkin, Tommy McAloon, Gabriel Edwares, Ryan Clarke, Elise Palmer, Catherine Hartley, Angela Dyke.

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